Vasilis Xanthopoulos' Curriculum Vitae

The famous scientist S. Chandrasekhar (Nobel Price 1983) talking with V. Xanthopoulos

He was born in Drama in 1951 and left lyceum in 1969. He continued his studies at the University of Thessaloniki where he studied Mathematics. He graduated in 1973 and he went to Chicago, U.S.A. for a postgraduate course where he succeeded in getting a master degree (1976) and a PH.D. (1978) in Science. Afterwards, he taught at the Universities of Montana S.U., Syracuse, Harvard, Chicago and at the Max Plank Institute. He was a lecturer of Astronomy at the University of Thessaloniki (1980-82) and later was elected professor and chairman of the Physical Science department of the University of Crete.
He carried out researches into subjects of the General Theory of Relativity as well as Mathematical Science. He mainly contributed to the development of methods of solving the Einstein equations.
He wrote more than 60 original projects and over 200 scientific reviews. He was murdered on 27 November, 1990 while lecturing in a research seminar for computers.
Since 1992 there has been a competition held in the 1st Lyceum of Drama in the Mathematics and Science, and it concerns the students of all county and of the three-lyceum grades. The organization of the competition is carried out through the collaboration of Municipality and the Club of the Exact Scientists.
From the first year, the Municipality has enacted awards for the winners of each grade. In the years 1998,1999 the Club of the Exact Scientists has succeeded in sending a prize-winning boy and a girl to the International Camp of Alabama, where they attend and participate in the astronaut training.
Since 1998 prize money is awarded to the student who will gather the highest marking by Dimosthenes Teneketzi, professor of Michigan University and a close friend of B. Xanthopoulos.
For the first time since 2001 the Prefectural local government of Drama has established scholarship for one of the first students of the third grade, on the condition that he/she has succeeded in the University Exams.

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