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Rising majestically in the centre of the prefecture of Drama and numbering among one of the highest mountains in the country, Mount Falakro consists of a group of three massifs: the northwestern one known as "Ayio Pnevma" with the highest peak rising to 1,629m, the southwestern one known as "Ayios Pavlos" whose highest peak stands at 1,768m and the eastern one known as "Profitis Ilias" whose highest peak rises to 2,232. There are also two other peaks known as "Vardena" and "Hionotripa".
The geological substratum mainly consists of marble (crystalline limestone) but also of granite with a special characteristic being the presence of karst phenomena (the existence of underground conduits which immediately remove rainwater from the area). As a consequence of these karst phenomena the springs at Mylopotamos and Drama are fed but it is difficult for soil and high altitude vegetation to form here and for this reason the mountain takes the name "Bald" which in Greek is "falakro". Today Mount Falakro is 45% covered in meadows, 35% in forests and 20% with shrubs, bush, rocks and exposed land.
The peculiar geological substratum in combination with climatic, ground and topographical conditions have created a significant variety f habitats which are f particular botanical interest. Thus n Falakro one can find many rare species f softwood plants which form valuable ecosystems on the peaks, in the meadows and n the rocky outcrops f the mountain. The mountain also plays home to many interesting species f animal. Apart from common mammals and birds to be found in the wider area one can come across rare invertebrates which show just how important the fauna here is. The importance f the flora and fauna on the mountain led to its inclusion in and protection under the network Natura 2000 with the name the Mount Falakro Peaks.

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Beech forest
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