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The Forest of Elatia (or Kara Dere)
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The area is located in the central and northern parts of the prefecture and extends along the Greek-┬ulgarian border area. It is characterised by dense forests which cover 90% of the area and by the existence of the forest village of Elatia.
At the location known as "Koutra" which lies 72km from Drama lies the forest village of Elatia, owned by the Forest Service, the village being the administrative and operational centre for the Forest of Elatia.
The village consists of impressive stone buildings which are used by the Forest Service to put §˝ visitors, among other things. The village is fully equipped with running water, electricity and telephones.
The only forest of spruce trees in the country is to be found at Elatia where the landscape brings to mind similar landscapes in central and northern Europe. Moreover there is also another unique forest nearby at the location known as "Magoula" consisting of birch trees.
Other species of trees and bushes which can be encountered are Abies borisii regis (which resembles the European poplar), pinus sylvestris, cedars, beech, birch, poplar, willow, sorbus, maple, oak, ash, alder, dogwood, hornbeam, ostrya, elder, bourtree, wild roses, whortleberries and so on while there is a whole range of softwood plants to be seen. Generally speaking there is a great wealth of plant species in Elatia (more than 700) many of which are endemic (local) to the Balkans, and many of which are rare in Greece. Moreover, a wide variety of mushrooms are to be seen many of which are edible (Boletus, Shaggymane and Amanita caesarea). The fauna in the area is also rich with species such as the brown bear, the wild boar, the deer, the roe deer, the hare, the wolf, the wild cat, the wood-pigeon, eagles, hawks and woodpeckers, among others.

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The forest village of Elatia
The village Skaloti
Deer in the forest of Elatia
View of the forest 1
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View of the forest 4
Winter in the forert
Waterfall in the forest
Waterfall near Stravorema
Winter in Stravorema
View of Stravorema
View of Stravorema 2

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